Paper: POS Tagger Combinations on Hungarian Text

ACL ID I05-2033
Title POS Tagger Combinations on Hungarian Text
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session poster-demo-tutorial
Year 2005

In this paper we will brie y survey the key results achieved so far in Hungarian POS tagging and show how classi er combination tech- niques can aid the POS taggers. Methods are evaluated on a manu- ally annotated corpus containing 1.2 million words. POS tagger tests were performed on single-domain, multiple domain and cross-domain test settings, and, to improve the ac- curacy of the taggers, various com- bination rules were implemented. The results indicate that combina- tion schemas (like the Boosting al- gorithm) are promising tools which can signi cantly degrade the classi- cation errors, and produce a more e ective tagger application.