Paper: Machine Translation Based on Constraint-Based Synchronous Grammar

ACL ID I05-1054
Title Machine Translation Based on Constraint-Based Synchronous Grammar
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2005

This paper proposes a variation of synchronous grammar based on the formalism of context-free grammar by generalizing the first component of productions that models the source text, named Constraint-based Synchronous Grammar (CSG). Unlike other synchronous grammars, CSG allows multiple target productions to be associated to a single source production rule, which can be used to guide a parser to infer different possible translational equivalences for a recognized input string according to the feature constraints of symbols in the pattern. Furthermore, CSG is augmented with independent rewriting that al- lows expressing discontinuous constituents in the inference rules. It turns out that such grammar is more expressive to model the translational equivalences of parallel texts for m...