Paper: Acquiring Synonyms from Monolingual Comparable Texts

ACL ID I05-1021
Title Acquiring Synonyms from Monolingual Comparable Texts
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2005

This paper presents a method for acquiring synonyms from monolingual comparable text (MCT). MCT denotes a set of monolin- gual texts whose contents are similar and can be obtained automatically. Our acquisition method takes advantage of a characteristic of MCT that included words and their relations are confined. Our method uses con- textual information of surrounding one word on each side of the target words. To improve acquisition precision, prevention of outside appear- ance is used. This method has advantages in that it requires only part-of- speech information and it can acquire infrequent synonyms. We evaluated our method with two kinds of news article data: sentence-aligned par- allel texts and document-aligned comparable texts. When applying the former data, our method acquires sy...