Paper: Corpus-Based Analysis of Japanese Relative Clause Constructions

ACL ID I05-1005
Title Corpus-Based Analysis of Japanese Relative Clause Constructions
Venue International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2005

Japanese relative clause constructions (RCC’s) are defined as being the NP’s of structure ‘S NP’, noting the lack of a relative pronoun or any other explicit form of noun-clause demarcation. Japanese relative clause modification should be classified into at least two major semantic types: case-slot gapping and head restrictive. However, these types for relative clause modification cannot apparently be distinguished. In this paper we propose a method of identifying a RCC’s type with a machine learning technique. The features used in our approach are not only rep- resenting RCC’s characteristics, but also automatically obtained from large corpora. The results we obtained from evaluation revealed that our method outperformed the traditional case frame-based method, and the featur...