Paper: Session 13: CSR Search

ACL ID H94-1076
Title Session 13: CSR Search
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

This session had five papers related to different topics in CSR Search. The topics ranged from integration of many knowledge sources within a practical system, to different search algorithms for real-time large vocabulary speech recognition. 1. Papers This section contains one or two paragraphs about each of the papers presented. More details can be found in the papers that follow. 1. Sadaoki Furui from N'IT presented a paper describing the integration of several knowledge sources for a system that performed very large vocabulary recognition of names and address for directory assistance. Some experiments were performed with directory listings for 70,000 customers. Knowledge sources at the phonological, lexical, and gram- matical level were used to make the search feasible. A smaller scale ...