Paper: Speech-Based Retrieval Using Semantic Co-Occurrence Filtering

ACL ID H94-1074
Title Speech-Based Retrieval Using Semantic Co-Occurrence Filtering
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

In this paper we demonstrate that speech recognition can be effectively applied to information retrieval (IR) applications. Our system exploits the fact that the intended words of a spo- ken query tend to co-occur in text documents in close proxim- ity whereas word combinations that are the result of recogni- tion errors are usually not semantically correlated and thus do not appear together. Termed "Semantic Co-occurrence Filtering" this enables the system to simultaneously disam- biguate word hypotheses and find relevant text for retrieval. The system is built by integrating standard IR and speech recognition techniques. An evaluation of the system is pre- seated and we discuss several refinements to the functionality.