Paper: Adaptation To New Microphones Using Tied-Mixture Normalization

ACL ID H94-1065
Title Adaptation To New Microphones Using Tied-Mixture Normalization
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

BBN Systems and Technologies Cambridge MA 02138 tNortheastem University Boston MA 02115 In this paper, we present several approaches designed to increase the robustness of BYBLOS, the BBN continuous speech recogni- tion system. We address the problem of increased degradation in • performance when there is mismatch in the characteristics of the training and the test microphones. We introduce a new supervised adaptafi.~n algor/thm that computes a transformation from the train- hag microphone codebook to that of a new microphone, given some information about the new microphone. Results are reported for the development and evaluation test sets of the 1993 ARPA CSR Spoke 6 WSJ task, which consist of speech recorded with two al- • temate microphones, a stand-mount and a telephone microphone....