Paper: The LIMSI Continuous Speech Dictation System

ACL ID H94-1064
Title The LIMSI Continuous Speech Dictation System
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

A major axis of research at LIMSI is directed at multilingual, speaker-independent, large vocabulary speech dictation. In this pa- per the LIMSI recognizer which was evaluated in the ARPA NOV93 CSR test is described, and experimental results on the WSJ and BREF corpora under closely matched conditions are reported. For both corpora word recognition expenrnents were carried out with vocabularies containing up to 20k words. The recognizer makes use of continuous density HMM with Gaussian mixture for acous- tic modeling and n-gram statistics estimated on the newspaper texts for language modeling. The recognizer uses a time-synchronous graph-search strategy which is shown to still be viable with a 20k- word vocabulary when used with bigram back-off language models. A second forward pass, which...