Paper: The Candide System For Machine Translation

ACL ID H94-1028
Title The Candide System For Machine Translation
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

Candide uses methods of information theory and statistics to develop a probability model of the translation process. This model, which is made to accord as closely as possible with a large body of French and English sentence pairs, is then used to generate English translations of previously unseen French sentences. This paper provides a tutorial in these methods, discussions of the training and operation of the system, and a summary of test results. 1. Introduction Candide is an experimental computer program, now in its fifth year of development at IBM, for translation of French text to Enghsh text. Our goal is to perform fuRy-automatic, high-quality text-to-text translation. However, because we are still far from achieving this goal, the program can be used in both fully-automatic and tra...