Paper: Translating Collocations For Use In Bilingual Lexicons

ACL ID H94-1027
Title Translating Collocations For Use In Bilingual Lexicons
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

Collocations are notoriously difficult for non-native speakers to translate, primarily because they are opaque and can not be translated on a word by word basis. We describe a program named Champollion which, given a pair of parallel corpora in two different languages, automatically produces translations of an input list of collocations. Our goal is to provide a tool to compile bilingual lexical information above the word level in multiple languages and domains. The algo- rithm we use is based on statistical methods and produces p word translations of n word collocations in which n and p need not be the same; the collocations can be either flexible or fixed compounds. For example, Champollion translates "to make a decision," "employ- ment equity," and "stock market," respectively into: "pr...