Paper: The Hub And Spoke Paradigm For CSR Evaluation

ACL ID H94-1009
Title The Hub And Spoke Paradigm For CSR Evaluation
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

In this paper, we introduce the new paradigm used in the most re- cent ARPA-sponsored Continuous Speech Recognition (CSR) eval- uation and then discuss the important features of the test design. The 1993 CSR evaluation was organized in a novel fashion in an attempt to accomodate research over a broad variety of important problems in CSR while maintaining a clear program-wide research focus. Furthermore, each test component in the evaluation was de- signed as an experiment to extract as much information as possible from the results. The evaluation was centered around a large vocabulary speaker- independent (SI) baseline test, which was required of every partic- ipating site. This test was dubbed the 'Hub' since it was common to all sites and formed the basis for controlled inter-system com-...