Paper: The Comlex Syntax Project: The First Year

ACL ID H94-1003
Title The Comlex Syntax Project: The First Year
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1994

We describe the design of Comlex Syntax, a computational lexicon providing detailed syntactic information for approximately 38,000 EnglJish headwords. We consider the types of errors which arise in creagng such a lexicon, and how such errors can be measured and controlled. 1. Goals The goal of the Comlex Syntax project is to create a moderately- broad-coverage lexicon recording the syntactic features of English words for purposes of computational language analysis. This dic- tionary is being developed at New York University and is to be distributed by the Linguistic Data Consortium, and to be freely us- able for both research and commercial purposes by members of the Consortium. In order to meet the needs of a wide range of analyzers, we have included a rich set of syntactic features and h...