Paper: Speech And Text-Image Processing In Documents

ACL ID H93-1076
Title Speech And Text-Image Processing In Documents
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

Two themes have evolved in speech and text image processing work at Xerox PARC that expand and redefine the role of recognition tech- nology in d~ument-oriented appficafions. One is the development of systems that provide functionality similar to that of text proces- sors but operate directly on audio and scanned image data. A second, related theme is the use of speech and text-nnage recognition to re- Irieve arbitrary, user-specified information from documents with sig- nal content. This paper discusses three research initiatives at PARC that exemplify these themes: a text-image editor[I], a wordspotter for voice editing and indexing[12], and a decoding framework for scanned-document content retrieval[4]. 1 The discussion focuses on key concepts embodied in the research that enable novel ...