Paper: Document Retrieval And Text Retrieval

ACL ID H93-1069
Title Document Retrieval And Text Retrieval
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

. This naturally makes end-user searching practicable, though not necessarily easy; and end-users often lack the experience to search effectively when strict word matching fails to identify appropriate documents. The essential requirement in re- trieval is that a match between request and document de- scriptions should reflect the underlying relation between user need and document content. Indexing, providing for matches, thus aims to promote precision and/or recall. It often has to do this under the external constraints of large files with small rele- vance sets. It always has to do it under the internal constraints on indexing itself. These are, for both re- quests and documents, variability of language, whether this stems from ambiguity or differences of perspective; for requests, under...