Paper: Prosody/Parse Scoring And Its Application In ATIS

ACL ID H93-1067
Title Prosody/Parse Scoring And Its Application In ATIS
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

Prosodic patterns provide important cues for resolving syn- tactic ambiguity, and might he used to improve the accu- racy of automatic speech understanding. With this goal, we propose a method of scoring syntactic parses in terms of ob- served prosodic cues, which can be used in ranking sentence hypotheses and associated parses. Specifically, the score is the probability of acoustic features of a hypothesized word sequence given an associated syntactic parse, based on acous- tic and "language" (prosody/syntax) models that represent probabilities in terms of abstract prosodic labeis. This work reports initial efforts aimed at extending the algorithm to spontaneous speech, specifically the ATIS task, where the prosody/parse score is shown to improve the average rank of the correct sentence h...