Paper: Session 11: Prosody

ACL ID H93-1063
Title Session 11: Prosody
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

1. WHAT IS PROSODY? In large part, prosody is "the relative temporal groupings of words and the relative prominence of certain syllables within these groupings" (Price and Hirsehherg [1]). This organization of the words, as Silverman points out [2], "annotates the information structure and discourse role of the text, and indicates to the listener how the speaker believes the content relates to the...prior knowledge within the discourse context". For example, the relative groupings of words can provide cues to syntactic structure as well as discourse segmentation, and the relative prominence of words can provide cues to semantically important or focused items. Segmentation and focus represent two of the major uses of prosody, but other information may also be cued by intonation patterns, e....