Paper: A Semantic Concordance

ACL ID H93-1061
Title A Semantic Concordance
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

A semantic concordance is a textual corpus and a lexicon So com- bined that every substantive word in the text is linked to its appropriate ~nse in the lexicon. Thus it can be viewed either as a corpus in which words have been tagged syntactically and semanti- cally, or as a lexicon in which example sentences can be found for many definitions. A semantic concordance is being constructed to use in studies of sense resolution in context (semantic disambigua- tion). The Brown Corpus is the text and WordNet is the lexicon. Semantic tags (pointers to WordNet synsets) are inserted in the text manually using an interface, ConText, that was designed to facili- tate the task. Another interface supports searches of the tagged text. Some practical uses for semantic concordances are proposed.