Paper: Recent Advances In JANUS: A Speech Translation System

ACL ID H93-1041
Title Recent Advances In JANUS: A Speech Translation System
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

We present recent advances from our efforts in increasing cover- age, robustness, generality and speed of JANUS, CMU's speech-to- speech translation system. JANUS is a speaker-independent system translating spoken utterances in English and also in German into one of German, English or Japanese. The system has been designed around the task of conference registration (CR). It has initially been built based on a speech database of i 2 read dialogs, encompassing a vocabulary of around 500 words. We have since been expanding the system along several dimensions to improve speed, robustness and coverage and to move toward spontaneous input. Speech ia Source r~n~,u~e N-best Search LR-Parser ] I NN-Parser ] l Semantic Pra. 1. ~TRODUCTION In this paper we describe recent improvements of JANUS, a spe...