Paper: Session 4: Natural Language

ACL ID H93-1024
Title Session 4: Natural Language
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

on that algorithms can have no direct access to. Algorithms can directly manipulate expressions only according to their structure. Thus we need expressions whose struc- ture corresponds in a very direct way to their mean- ing. While, as we have argued above, the meaning of a natural-language expression is dependent on its struc- ture, this dependence can be very indirect. By recovering an expression that encodes the meaning of an utterance more directly, we can create modular algorithms that consist of interacting pieces that each look only at a small piece of the structure of the meaning representation. If the pieces of the meaning representation fit together in a natural way that reflects the overall meaning of the ut- terance, then the algorithms that manipulate them will also be able t...