Paper: An Overview Of The SPHINX-II Speech Recognition System

ACL ID H93-1016
Title An Overview Of The SPHINX-II Speech Recognition System
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

The result has been a dramatic reduction in speech recognition errors in the SPHINX-II system. In this paper, we review SPHINX-I/and summarize our recent efforts on improved speech recognition. Recently SPHINX-I/ achieved the lowest error rate in the November 1992 DARPA evaluations. uations. For 5000-word, speaker-independent, continuous, speech recognition, the error rate was reduced to 5%. 1. ~TRODUCTION At Carnegie Mellon, we have made significant progress in large-vocabulary speaker-independent continuous speech recognition during the past years [16, 15, 3, 18, 14]. In comparison with the SPHINX system [23], SPHINX-II offers not only significantly fewer recognition errors but also the capability to handle a much larger vocabulary size. For 5,000-word speaker-independent speech recognit...