Paper: A Bilingual VOYAGER System

ACL ID H93-1009
Title A Bilingual VOYAGER System
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

This paper describes our initial efforts at porting the VOY- AGER spoken language system to Japanese. In the process we have reorganized the structure of the system so that lan- guage dependent information is separated from the core en- gine as much as possible. For example, this information is encoded in tabular or rule-based form for the natural lan- guage understanding and generation components. The inter- nal system manager, discourse and dialogue component, and database are all maintained in language transparent form. Once the generation component was ported, data were col- lected from 40 native speakers of Japanese using a wizard collection paradigm. A portion of these data was used to train the natural language and segment-based speech recog- nition components. The system obtained a...