Paper: Overview Of The ARPA Human Language Technology Workshop

ACL ID H93-1001
Title Overview Of The ARPA Human Language Technology Workshop
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

The committee received 131 abstracts (114 for regular presentations; 17 for der~tonstrafions), 58 presentation and 13 demonstrations were accepted. The final program sessions were: Spoken Language Systems, Invited Overviews of ARPA Program Areas, Continuous Speech Recognition, Natural Language, Discourse, Machine Translation, Demonstrations, Statistical Natural Language, Government Panel, Lexicon, Prosody, Information Retrieval, and New Directions. Technical highlights included: • Machine Translation session, chaired by Alex Waibel of CMU. This session featured invited tutorials by Peter Brown and Ed Hovy. • A demonstration session (chaired by Hy Murveit of SRI and organized by Victor Abrrash of SRI) showcased recent work in a variety of areas, and demonstrations were available almost ...