Paper: MBOI: Discovery Of Business Opportunities On The Internet

ACL ID H05-2016
Title MBOI: Discovery Of Business Opportunities On The Internet
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session System Demonstration
Year 2005

, pages 30–31, Vancouver, October 2005. MBOI: Discovery of Business Opportunities on the Internet Extended Abstract Arman Tajarobi, Jean-Franc‚ois Garneau Nstein Technologies Qu·ebec, Canada {arman.tajarobi,jf.garneau} Franc‚ois Paradis Universit·e de Montr·eal Qu·ebec, Canada We propose a tool for the discovery of business opportunities on the Web, more speci cally to help a user nd relevant call for tenders (CFT), i.e. in- vitations to contractors to submit a tender for their products/services. Simple keyword-based Informa- tion Retrieval do not capture the relationships in the data, which are needed to answer the complex needs of the users. We therefore augment keywords with information extracted through natural language pro- cessing and b...