Paper: Using Random Walks For Question-Focused Sentence Retrieval

ACL ID H05-1115
Title Using Random Walks For Question-Focused Sentence Retrieval
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2005

We consider the problem of question- focused sentence retrieval from complex news articles describing multi-event sto- ries published over time. Annotators gen- erated a list of questions central to under- standing each story in our corpus. Be- cause of the dynamic nature of the stories, many questions are time-sensitive (e.g. “How many victims have been found?”) Judges found sentences providing an an- swer to each question. To address the sentence retrieval problem, we apply a stochastic, graph-based method for com- paring the relative importance of the tex- tual units, which was previously used suc- cessfully for generic summarization. Cur- rently, we present a topic-sensitive version of our method and hypothesize that it can outperform a competitive baseline, which compares the simi...