Paper: Robust Named Entity Extraction From Large Spoken Archives

ACL ID H05-1062
Title Robust Named Entity Extraction From Large Spoken Archives
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2005

Traditional approaches to Information Ex- traction (IE) from speech input simply consist in applying text based methods to the output of an Automatic Speech Recog- nition (ASR) system. If it gives satis- faction with low Word Error Rate (WER) transcripts, we believe that a tighter inte- gration of the IE and ASR modules can increase the IE performance in more dif- ficult conditions. More specifically this paper focuses on the robust extraction of Named Entities from speech input where a temporal mismatch between training and test corpora occurs. We describe a Named Entity Recognition (NER) system, de- veloped within the French Rich Broad- cast News Transcription program ESTER, which is specifically optimized to pro- cess ASR transcripts and can be integrated into the search process of the ...