Paper: SCANMail: Audio Navigation In The Voicemail Domain

ACL ID H01-1064
Title SCANMail: Audio Navigation In The Voicemail Domain
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2001

This paper describes SCANMail, a system that allows users to browse and search their voicemail messages by content through a GUI. Content based navigation is realized by use of automatic speech recognition, information retrieval, information extraction and human computer interaction technology. In addition to the browsing and querying functionalities, acoustics-based caller ID technology is used to proposes caller names from existing caller acoustic models trained from user feedback. The GUI browser also provides a note-taking capability. Comparing SCANMail to a regu- lar voicemail interface in a user study, SCANMail performed better both in terms of objective (time to and quality of solutions) as well as subjective objectives.