Paper: Monitoring The News: A TDT Demonstration System

ACL ID H01-1053
Title Monitoring The News: A TDT Demonstration System
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2001

We describe a demonstration system built upon Topic Detection and Tracking (TDT) technology. The demonstration system moni- tors a stream of news stories, organizes them into clusters that rep- resent topics, presents the clusters to a user, and visually describes the changes that occur in those clusters over time. A user may also mark certain clusters as interesting, so that they can be “tracked” more easily. 1. TDT BACKGROUND The Topic Detection and Tracking (TDT) research program in- vestigates methods for organizing an arriving stream of news sto- ries by the topics the stories discuss.[1, 4, 7, 8] Topics are de£ned to be the set of stories that follow from some seminal event in the world—this is in contrast to a broader subject-based notion of topic. That is, stories about a pa...