Paper: The Meeting Project At ICSI

ACL ID H01-1051
Title The Meeting Project At ICSI
Venue Human Language Technologies
Session Main Conference
Year 2001

In collaboration with colleagues at UW, OGI, IBM, and SRI, we are developing technology to process spoken language from informal meetings. The work includes a substantial data collection and tran- scription effort, and has required a nontrivial degree of infrastruc- ture development. We are undertaking this because the new task area provides a significant challenge to current HLT capabilities, while offering the promise of a wide range of potential applica- tions. In this paper, we give our vision of the task, the challenges it represents, and the current state of our development, with particular attention to automatic transcription. 1. THE TASK We are primarily interested in the processing (transcription, query, search, and structural representation) of audio recorded from informal, natur...