Paper: Higher-Order Linear Logic Programming Of Categorial Deduction

ACL ID E95-1019
Title Higher-Order Linear Logic Programming Of Categorial Deduction
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1995
  • Glyn Morrill (Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona Spain)

We show how categorial deduction can be implemented in higher-order (lin- ear) logic programming, thereby realis- ing parsing as deduction for the associa- tive and non-associative Lambek calculi. This provides a method of solution to the parsing problem of Lambek catego- rial grammar applicable to a variety of its extensions. The present work deals with the parsing prob- lem for Lambek calculus and its extensions as de- veloped in, for example, Moortgat (1988), van Benthem (1991), Moortgat and Morrill (1991), Moortgat and Oehrle (1993), Morrill (1994b) and Hepple (1995). Some previous approaches to pars- ing Lambek grammar such as KSnig (1989), Hep- pie (1990) and Hendriks (1993) have concentrated on the possibilities of sequent proof normalisa- tion. In P~oorda (1991), Moortgat (1992), H...