Paper: its-2 : An Interactive Personal Translation System

ACL ID E93-1070
Title its-2 : An Interactive Personal Translation System
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Poster Session
Year 1993

level of lexemes. It is also at this level that our decision (not yet imple- mented) to try to restrict dialogues to the source language is the most challenging. While some cases of polysemy can be disambiguated relatively easily for instance on the basis of SL gender distinction, as in (1), other cases such as the (much simplified) ones in (2)-(3) are obviously much harder to han- dle, unless additional information is included in the bilingual dictionary. (1)a. Jean regarde les voiles. 'Jean is looking at the sails/veils' (1)b. voiles: -maseulin (le voile) -fdminin (la voile) (2)a. Jean n'aime pas les avocats. 'Jean doesn't like lawyers/avocadoes' (2)b. avocats: -homme de loi -fruit Another common case of interaction that occurs during transfer concerns the interpretation of pro- nouns, o...