Paper: Localising Barriers Theory

ACL ID E93-1053
Title Localising Barriers Theory
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

(16) B(c, b) ¢= L(e) A c>b. (17) S(e, b) L(e) A 3d : B(d, b) A e>dA Ve : e>e >d ~ ",L(e). We call the existential subformula of (17) an inheritance clause I. The only global conditions in our system are inheritance clauses and c> b, a condition that always holds for barrier concepts (see 5). We will discuss in detail a way to derive inheritance clauses on a rule to rule basis. For the sake of conciseness we adopt the following abbreviation for inheritance clauses. 35 : B(d, b) A e > d A Ve : c > e > d --* -,L(e),: y I(c,b,B,L) 3.3 Negative Inheritance Clauses It has interesting repercussions to incorporate a scheme with a negated inheritance clause, viz. (18). (18) B(e, b) L(c) A c>bA -,3d : B(d, b) A c>dA Ve : c>e>d-* -,L(e). For illustration we discuss several applications for negative ...