Paper: Tuples Discontinuity And Gapping In Categorial Grammar

ACL ID E93-1034
Title Tuples Discontinuity And Gapping In Categorial Grammar
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1993

This paper solves some puzzles in the for- malisation of logic for discontinuity in cat- egorial grammar. A 'tuple' operation intro- duced in [Solias, 1992] is defined as a mode of prosodic combination which has associ- ated projection functions, and consequently can support a property of unique prosodic decomposability. Discontinuity operators are defined model-theoretically by a resid- uation scheme which is particularly arn- menable proof-theoretically. This enables a formulation which both improves on the logic for wrapping and infixing of [Moort- gat, 1988] which is only partial, and resolves some problems of determinacy of insertion point in the application of these proposals to in-sits binding phenomena. A discontin- uons product is also defined by the residu- ation scheme, enabling...