Paper: Pearl: A Probabilistic Chart Parser

ACL ID E91-1004
Title Pearl: A Probabilistic Chart Parser
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1991

This i)al)er describes a Ilatural language i)ars - ing algorith,n for unrestricted text which uses a prol)al)ility-I~ased scoring function to select the "l)est" i)arse of a sclfl,ence. The parser, T~earl, is a time-asynchronous I)ottom-ul) chart parser with Earley-tyl)e tol)-down prediction which l)ur - sues the highest-scoring theory iu the chart, where the score of a theory represents tim extent to which the context of the sentence predicts that interpre- tation. This parser dilrers front previous attemi)ts at stochastic parsers in that it uses a richer form of conditional prol)alfilities I)ased on context to l)re- diet likelihood. T>carl also provides a framework for i,lcorporating the results of previous work in i)art-of-spe(;ch assignrlmn|. , unknown word too