Paper: An Approach To Sentence-Level Anaphora In Machine Translation

ACL ID E89-1040
Title An Approach To Sentence-Level Anaphora In Machine Translation
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1989

Theoretical research in the area of machine translation usu- ally involves the search for and creation of an appropriate formalism. An important issue in this respect is the way in which the compositionality of translation is to be defined. In this paper, we will introduce the anaphoric component of the Mimo formalism. It makes the definition and trans- lation of anaphoric relations possible, relations which are usually problematic for systems that adhere to strict com- positionality. In iVlimo, the translation of anaphoric rela- tions is compositional. The anaphoric component is used to define linguistic phenomena such as wh-movement, the passive and the binding of reflexives and pronouns mono- lingually. The actual working of the component will be shown in this paper by means of a detail...