Paper: A Formal Representation Of Propositions And Temporal Adverbials

ACL ID E89-1027
Title A Formal Representation Of Propositions And Temporal Adverbials
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1989
  • Jurgen Kunze (Academy of Sciences of the DDR, Berlin Germany)

The topic of the paper is the intro- duction of a formalism that permits a homogeneous representation of definite temporal adverbials, temporal quanti- fications (as frequency and duration), temporal conJ~ctions and tenses, and of their combinations with propositions. This unified representation renders it possible to show how these components refer to each other and interact in creati~ temporal meanings. The formal representation is 0ased on the notions "phase-set" and "phase-operator", and it involves an interval logic. Furthermore logical coz~uections are used, but the (always troublesome) logical quantifica- tions may be avoided. The expressions are rather near to lingaistic struc- tures, which facilitates the link to text analysis. Some emprical confir- mations are outlined. q. THE GE...