Paper: Iteration Habituality And Verb Form Semantics

ACL ID E87-1043
Title Iteration Habituality And Verb Form Semantics
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1987

The veto forms are o4ten claimeo to convey two ;inds o+ information : I. w~et'~er the event Oeecribed in a sentence is present, past or future (= oeictic information 2. whether the event described in a sentence is oresente~ as completed, going on, just starting or being,inished (= espectual information) [t will be ~emonstrated in this paper that one has tl ado a rhino component to the analysis of verb ~orm meanings, namely w~e~ner or no~ they e>press habltualitv. The 4ramewor~ 04 the analysis is mo~el- theoretic semantics. BACKGROUND The analwls of iteration and ha~ituality in this ~aper is part of a comprehensive semantic ar~Ivsis of temporal expressions in natural kanguage. The research on this topic is carried ob~ in ~he framework of EUROTRA, the MT project o4 the European Community. It...