Paper: A Morphological Processor For Modern Greek

ACL ID E87-1005
Title A Morphological Processor For Modern Greek
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1987
  • Angela Ralli (University of Montreal, Montreal QU; Eurotra)
  • Eleni Galiotou (National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens Greece; Eurotra)

In this paper, we present a morphological pro- cessor for Modern Greek. From the linguistic point of view, we tr 5, to elucidate the complexity of the inflectional sy- stem using a lexical model which follows the mecent work by Lieber, 1980, Selkirk 1982, Kipar- sky 1982, and others. The implementation is based on the concept of "validation grammars" (Coumtin 1977). The morphological processing is controlled by a finite automaton and it combines a. a dictionary containing the stems for a representative fragment of Modern Greek and all the inflectional affixes with b. a grammar which camries out the transmis- sion of the linguistic information needed for the processing. The words are structured by concate- nating a stem with an inflectional part. In cer- tain cases, phonological rules are a...