Paper: The Specification Of Time Meaning For Machine Translation

ACL ID E85-1005
Title The Specification Of Time Meaning For Machine Translation
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1985

on to separate the temporal expression from the basic proposition, so that the representation of the temporal expresssion takes the following form: (I) k p 3 I,, I=,...S time (Rel,(Ij,l,) k ..° & Pred.(l.J & m.! & AT (I,, p) ) where the I, are intervals, the Relj are binary relations between intervals like :before, the Predw are predicates like yesterday ~, and p is a basic proposition, from which all time-relevant parts have been removed. The category of expression (I be applied to a basic proposi functional way. ) is t/t; it can tion in a The interpretation of (I) is the set of propositions that are true at some given interval I,. This is similar to Kripke's definition of the notion of 'possible world': 'A possible world is given by the descriptive conditions we associate with it .... '...