Paper: Dealing With Conjunctions In A Machine Translation Environment

ACL ID E83-1013
Title Dealing With Conjunctions In A Machine Translation Environment
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 1983
  • Xiuming Huang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing China)

A set of rules, named CSDC (Conjunct Scope Determination Constraints), is suggested for attacking the conjunct scope problem, the major issue in the automatic processing of conjunctions which has been raising great difficulty for natu- ral language processing systems. Grammars embody- ing the CSDC are incorporated into an existing A~{ parser, and are tested successfully against a wide group of "and" conjunctive sentences, which are of three types, namely clausal coordination, phrasal coordination, and gapping. With phrasal coordina- tion the structure with two NPs coordinated by "and" has been given most attention. It is hoped that an ATN parser capable of dealing with a large variety of conjunctions in an efficient way will finally emerge from the present work.