Paper: Word Ordering with Phrase-Based Grammars

ACL ID E14-1028
Title Word Ordering with Phrase-Based Grammars
Venue Annual Meeting of The European Chapter of The Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

We describe an approach to word ordering using modelling techniques from statisti- cal machine translation. The system in- corporates a phrase-based model of string generation that aims to take unordered bags of words and produce fluent, gram- matical sentences. We describe the gen- eration grammars and introduce parsing procedures that address the computational complexity of generation under permuta- tion of phrases. Against the best previous results reported on this task, obtained us- ing syntax driven models, we report huge quality improvements, with BLEU score gains of 20+ which we confirm with hu- man fluency judgements. Our system in- corporates dependency language models, large n-gram language models, and mini- mum Bayes risk decoding.