Paper: A* CCG Parsing with a Supertag-factored Model

ACL ID D14-1107
Title A* CCG Parsing with a Supertag-factored Model
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

We introduce a new CCG parsing model which is factored on lexical category as- signments. Parsing is then simply a de- terministic search for the most probable category sequence that supports a CCG derivation. The parser is extremely simple, with a tiny feature set, no POS tagger, and no statistical model of the derivation or dependencies. Formulating the model in this way allows a highly effective heuris- tic for A ? parsing, which makes parsing extremely fast. Compared to the standard C&C CCG parser, our model is more ac- curate out-of-domain, is four times faster, has higher coverage, and is greatly simpli- fied. We also show that using our parser improves the performance of a state-of- the-art question answering system.