Paper: Ambiguity Resolution for Vt-N Structures in Chinese

ACL ID D14-1100
Title Ambiguity Resolution for Vt-N Structures in Chinese
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

The syntactic ambiguity of a transitive verb (Vt) followed by a noun (N) has long been a problem in Chinese parsing. In this paper, we propose a classifier to resolve the ambiguity of Vt-N structures. The design of the classifier is based on three important guidelines, namely, adopting linguistically motivated features, using all available resources, and easy in- tegration into a parsing model. The lin- guistically motivated features include semantic relations, context, and morpho- logical structures; and the available re- sources are treebank, thesaurus, affix da- tabase, and large corpora. We also pro- pose two learning approaches that resolve the problem of data sparseness by auto- parsing and extracting relative knowledge from large-scale unlabeled data. Our experiment resu...