Paper: Generating Coherent Event Schemas at Scale

ACL ID D13-1178
Title Generating Coherent Event Schemas at Scale
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2013

Chambers and Jurafsky (2009) demonstrated that event schemas can be automatically in- duced from text corpora. However, our analy- sis of their schemas identifies several weak- nesses, e.g., some schemas lack a common topic and distinct roles are incorrectly mixed into a single actor. It is due in part to their pair-wise representation that treats subject- verb independently from verb-object. This of- ten leads to subject-verb-object triples that are not meaningful in the real-world. We present a novel approach to inducing open-domain event schemas that overcomes these limitations. Our approach uses co- occurrence statistics of semantically typed re- lational triples, which we call Rel-grams (re- lational n-grams). In a human evaluation, our schemas outperform Chambers?s schemas by wide ma...