Paper: The Topology of Semantic Knowledge

ACL ID D13-1063
Title The Topology of Semantic Knowledge
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2013

Studies of the graph of dictionary definitions (DD) (Picard et al., 2009; Levary et al., 2012) have revealed strong semantic coherence of local topological structures. The techniques used in these papers are simple and the main results are found by understanding the struc- ture of cycles in the directed graph (where words point to definitions). Based on our ear- lier work (Levary et al., 2012), we study a dif- ferent class of word definitions, namely those of the Free Association (FA) dataset (Nelson et al., 2004). These are responses by subjects to a cue word, which are then summarized by a directed, free association graph. We find that the structure of this network is quite different from both the Wordnet and the dictionary networks. This difference can be explained by the very nature of...