Paper: Minimal Dependency Length in Realization Ranking

ACL ID D12-1023
Title Minimal Dependency Length in Realization Ranking
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2012

Comprehension and corpus studies have found that the tendency to minimize dependency length has a strong influence on constituent or- dering choices. In this paper, we investigate dependency length minimization in the con- text of discriminative realization ranking, fo- cusing on its potential to eliminate egregious ordering errors as well as better match the dis- tributional characteristics of sentence order- ings in news text. We find that with a state- of-the-art, comprehensive realization rank- ing model, dependency length minimization yields statistically significant improvements in BLEU scores and significantly reduces the number of heavy/light ordering errors. Through distributional analyses, we also show that with simpler ranking models, dependency length minimization can go overbo...