Paper: Cross-Cutting Models of Lexical Semantics

ACL ID D11-1130
Title Cross-Cutting Models of Lexical Semantics
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

Context-dependent word similarity can be measured over multiple cross-cutting dimen- sions. For example, lung and breath are sim- ilar thematically, while authoritative and su- perficial occur in similar syntactic contexts, but share little semantic similarity. Both of these notions of similarity play a role in deter- mining word meaning, and hence lexical se- mantic models must take them both into ac- count. Towards this end, we develop a novel model, Multi-View Mixture (MVM), that rep- resents words as multiple overlapping clus- terings. MVM finds multiple data partitions based on different subsets of features, sub- ject to the marginal constraint that feature sub- sets are distributed according to Latent Dirich- let Allocation. Intuitively, this constraint fa- vors feature partitions th...