Paper: Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Representations

ACL ID D11-1127
Title Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation Representations
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

This paper compares several translation rep- resentations for a synchronous context-free grammar parse including CFGs/hypergraphs, finite-state automata (FSA), and pushdown automata (PDA). The representation choice is shown to determine the form and complex- ity of target LM intersection and shortest-path algorithms that follow. Intersection, shortest path, FSA expansion and RTN replacement al- gorithms are presented for PDAs. Chinese-to- English translation experiments using HiFST and HiPDT, FSA and PDA-based decoders, are presented using admissible (or exact) search, possible for HiFST with compact SCFG rulesets and HiPDT with compact LMs. For large rulesets with large LMs, we intro- duce a two-pass search strategy which we then analyze in terms of search errors and transla- tion perform...