Paper: A Fast Accurate Non-Projective Semantically-Enriched Parser

ACL ID D11-1116
Title A Fast Accurate Non-Projective Semantically-Enriched Parser
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

Dependency parsers are critical components within many NLP systems. However, cur- rently available dependency parsers each ex- hibit at least one of several weaknesses, in- cluding high running time, limited accuracy, vague dependency labels, and lack of non- projectivity support. Furthermore, no com- monly used parser provides additional shal- low semantic interpretation, such as prepo- sition sense disambiguation and noun com- pound interpretation. In this paper, we present a new dependency-tree conversion of the Penn Treebank along with its associated fine-grain dependency labels and a fast, accurate parser trained on it. We explain how a non-projective extension to shift-reduce parsing can be in- corporated into non-directional easy-first pars- ing. The parser performs well when evalu-...