Paper: Computing Logical Form on Regulatory Texts

ACL ID D11-1111
Title Computing Logical Form on Regulatory Texts
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

The computation of logical form has been pro- posed as an intermediate step in the translation of sentences to logic. Logical form encodes the resolution of scope ambiguities. In this paper, we describe experiments on a modest- sized corpus of regulation annotated with a novel variant of logical form, called abstract syntax trees (ASTs). The main step in com- puting ASTs is to order scope-taking opera- tors. A learning model for ranking is adapted for this ordering. We design features by study- ing the problem of comparing the scope of one operator to another. The scope comparisons are used to compute ASTs, with an F-score of 90.6% on the set of ordering decisons.