Paper: Hierarchical Verb Clustering Using Graph Factorization

ACL ID D11-1095
Title Hierarchical Verb Clustering Using Graph Factorization
Venue Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

Most previous research on verb clustering has focussed on acquiring flat classifications from corpus data, although many manually built classifications are taxonomic in nature. Also Natural Language Processing (NLP) applica- tions benefit from taxonomic classifications because they vary in terms of the granularity they require from a classification. We intro- duce a new clustering method called Hierar- chical Graph Factorization Clustering (HGFC) and extend it so that it is optimal for the task. Our results show that HGFC outperforms the frequently used agglomerative clustering on a hierarchical test set extracted from VerbNet, and that it yields state-of-the-art performance also on a flat test set. We demonstrate how the method can be used to acquire novel classifi- cations as well as to ...